Tuesday, April 14, 2009


AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!........the day has come everyone....blackberry has finally unleashed their brand spankin new APP WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm soooooo freeking excited.........i was always a little envious.....ok, ok......a lot envious of my friends with their i-phones and all the awesome features however, would not give in and get one because.............

ready for it??......

THE SERVICE SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....

I am so excited for all blackberry users and all those i-phone users that will soon be converting to the Family of Berries......hee hee

so far....being the music lover i am....i have downloaded: 

PANDORA.....amazing website, soooooo excited to have this on my phone.....its basically a radio that plays music according to your likes and dislikes in music.  ITS AMAZING!!!!...try it out!!!! pandora.com

SHAZAM.....now this is one of those things i was jealous of on the i-phone......when you hear a song on the radio, at a store, over dinner, in the bathroom, at a club....you get the point.....you launch this app and it FREEKING tells you what song it is!!!!!!!....even has links to purchase it.....this will definitely come in handy.....

OH SHNAP.......

CHRISTMAS TUESDAYS ROCK!!!!!!....thanks santa!


  1. iPHone vs. Blackberry... en guard!!!

    Have fun with your new APP WORLD!!! I have 3 screens full of apps on my phone!!! So much fun!!!

    p.s. I LOVE MY IPHONE!!!!

  2. Pandora IS awesome! I love that site! You're making me want a Blackberry, and I really do not need one and should not spend money on one.

  3. Gahhhhh, I just got an iPod touch and now I'm seriously contemplating getting a Blackberry...aggh, I don't have that much money!!!!
    I wish I had Shazam; it sounds awesome. You need to plug a microphone into the headphone jack to use it with an iPod touch, though...which is silly.

  4. The Pandora app is AFRIGGINMAZING. I have it on my ipod touch and I think I listen to it more than I do my regular music. Hah! It's so interesting the way they connect songs and artists together too...they have a list of like 400 musical attributes and it takes them like a half hour to analyze allll the details about one song. Crazy!

  5. I've been avoiding the Family of Berries thus far ... but might be joining sometime soon, LOL!

  6. "Crack"berries..."aiiiie!"-Phones and Pods...after you, I don't need anything else addictive!!! ;) I know this is a shocker...but I want to actually TALK to people...other than Tech Support... ;) But I know one day soon, I'll be sucked into the mass hysteria...

    Hmmmm...i-Pods...could these things be similar to the pods from "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" where people lost their distinct character??? What's funny is...I remember someone "losing his mind" over one last night... ;)

  7. I like the Pandora site, as we speak, or, type rather (details :P) Pandora is playing. STREET CORNER SYMPHONY BABY! I like the Blackberrys, but the one I was going to get when switching to AT&T was the most frustrating thing...EVER! I mean here I thought: "Blackberrys... AWESOME!", so not. The keys were so small. I have weird fingers I guess, I couldn't text a coherent message, and I live on texting. So I got an I-phone instead. Use it like a drug. Just thought I'd share.