Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tuesday Mar 10 - CHRISTMAS

so santa has been leaving a few stocking stuffers in the past few weeks...

this Tuesday......oh boy!!! about MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!

its like when your a kid and you see that big box and you just KNOW.....your heart is racing and you just can't wait to rip off the festive paper.....

i listened to the one preview clip the Yeah Yeah Yeahs had on their i-tunes before this Tuesday and it was exactly like KNOW its gonna be something great....but YIKES....this turned out to be a DELICIOUS feast.....this album is the reason my ears are CARNIVORES!!!!!

how do i describe "It's A Blitz" by the yeah yeah yeahs?????


here goes......

your wearing a pair of your favorite jeans that you havent washed......ever......shirt optional, hair greasy and messy........your easily moving along with the appetizing beats in a small room barely lit by candles, neon lights, and the moon peering in........your drinking a bottle of smooth red wine.....straight from the drips from your mouth and mixes with the hot sweat on your body and falls to the wooden floor thats covered in blood red rose petals

its dirty
its beautiful

its a blitz


  1. Ooooooh *she says with a provocative look and a sly smile, while slowly winding up her whip*, I like a man who can take directions! ;) I'll comment later...

  2. You're killing me. Seriously, killing wine is the most perfect sensual metaphor ever. It's one I can never, ever get away from. It's dark and sexy and sinful...

  3. Um, I'm really more of a visual person, can we have a picture of that scene please???

    lol :D Mark your writing is so damn delicious, no pictures needed!!! Can't wait to hear this stuff!

  4. *mouth is wide open*

    say it again but much, much slower....

    I hope I get to see you in Beaumont!!


    Don't you know red wine stains are hard to get up from the carpet????

    Wait -- no carpet . . .

    OK, well -- don't you know that red wine stains are hard to get out of shirts????

    Umm -- no shirt . . .

    Fine! Don't you know -- wait . . . the jeans are dirty, anyway.


    All right, dribble away!!! *skips*

  6. Um, you do realize you pretty much effed it up for the song 'cause nothing could live up to that mental image, right?

    Of course you do. *smiles*

  7. I'm already on iTunes listening to the samples!
    VERY creative description! Makes me want to put drawings to your artistic words! ;D

  8. oh. my. holy. eff.

    I mean, what? I didn't say anything. the way, I love the Yeah Yeah Yeahs - I didn't know they came out with a new album before now! ^_^

  9. It's their best album yet, methinks. And it's quite pop, don't you think? And that's not a bad thing at all :)

  10. I'm with Misty... *sigh* or maybe *swoon, faint, hit head on table, get taken to hospital cause of a concussion*

  11. LOL SHerri . . . Good thing we're only a few hours apart. I'll meet you at the hospital, K?

  12. Love your description of this!!! :)

    For some reason, I can picture 3 different men in this scenario...this could be the lazy sexiness of either Jim Morrison or Michael Hutchence of INXS...or the filthiness of some homeless dude's funny how that works, isn't it??? ;)

    Hmmm...I wonder if I'm forgetting any other sexy young man???...Naaaaa... ;)

  13. *grumbles about not being able to edit posts or fully delete them*

    Just in case this term is not used in Hawai' my post above, "squatting" means the act of occupying an abandoned or unoccupied building...and NOT him crouching (like a tiger) with a "hidden dragon"... ;)

  14. your words are glorious. you bring words to colorful!
    i love your blogarooney to the max!! :]
    i hope everything in your world is supercalifragilisticexpealidocious.

    i can't wait to hear the new tantalizing tunes of the Yeah Yeah Yeah's!!

  15. I still haven't been able to make it past Soft Shock....amazing.

  16. Misty, I'm in room 917, k?

    Oh, and Mark, LUV Dull Life!!!!

  17. Gah! I have to need to get a 'celebrity playlist' in iTunes. A quick peek shows me MIA, Lady GaGa and Annie Lennox all with lists on the first page. (Seriously, if hockey players can have lists there, you MUST...)