Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ear CaNdY Vol.1

music my ears are eating  now....

"Sleepyhead" - Passion Pit
Downloaded this last week as a free download on i-tunes.......takes me to another world, first day i downloaded it, i listened to it on repeat for hours.....reminds me of the mice from Cinderella singing to me trying to wake me up......GET INTO IT!!

"She's Good For Business" - MSTRKRFT
i gotta shake it!!!.....pumps me up for my workouts...grrrrroovy baby!!

"Sex On Fire" - Kings of Leon
Windows Down, Air Guitar, Hot, Desperate, Wanting, Sweaty, Dirty, Delicious!!

"Rock With U" - Janet
Loved it last year, love it this year.....i'll start running into different rooms in the house dancing with friends (or by myself)...yeah, like the video....LOL!!!!

"These Doors" - Jonathan Levi
Mentioned his album earlier, still not over it....a good start of the day album, a good middle of the day album, a good end of the day album.....good for breathing and relaxing...and ALL the songs are great!

"Just Can't Get Enough" - Depeche Mode
I just really can't get enough.....step taps for days, with some slight awkward body rolls

"Star" - Estelle
Estelle freeking rocks it out with this one.....i LAHV her....her last album was fantastic....this song is one of those catchy fun dance in the shower songs....don't slip!!!

"Circus" - Britney Spears
There is something about the bridge of the song that gets me "I feel the adrenaline running through my veins...."  i really do start to feel it running through my veins....

"Chasing Pavements" - Adele

"Electric Feel (Justice Remix)" - MGMT
Hits SOOOOOO hard.....cannot NOT move and thrust my body to the freeking beats in this song!!!!

"Digital Love" - Daft Punk
You just wait for that beat to drop....and when it does........ITS OVER!!!!

"O...Saya" - AR Rahman & M.I.A.
An exhilirating song off of an INCREDIBLE soundtrack from an INCREDIBLE movie.....and M.I.A......c'mon now

"Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) - Lady Gaga
Cherry Cherry Boom Boom...............GA GA.......nuff said!


  1. they way you describe each song makes me happy ^-^ I love "just cant get enough" and really dig "sex on fire"...you should def. listen to the strokes, they rock my sox off and they rock yours off too!! have a great day love!!

  2. Daft Punk makes my life.
    That is all.
    (Well, except for some random Duran Duran, perhaps...)

  3. "Just Can't Get Enough" - Depeche Mode!!!
    that.is.all. ;) <333

    my ultimate fave song from depeche? HOME! - luv the music, luv the lyrics! :D

  4. I'm never gonna get the Cinderella thing out of my head now. bwaha LOVE IT!

  5. you know the story behind Sleephead? He wrote it as a belated valentine's gift to his gf. not exactly a v-day song but a great song nontheless!

  6. *SQUEE* Depeche Mode! They have a new album coming out soon. "Wrong" is currently the new single. Kind of angsty, but hard hitting. Def. check it out if you like their new stuff.

  7. ahh mark..you have extremely good taste in music :]
    i've been obsessed with sleepyhead btw. hahah. and sex on fire..and o saya (:
    i freakin loveeeed that moviee. watched it again last night :]

  8. I love all of these choices of yours!
    i guess my iPod is going to get a lot of updates today!!!!!!!
    Thanks so much Mark!

  9. you and your rock with you..... lahvvv it!!.
    and sex on fire.......hmmmm... what can you really say???? i mean.... he says it all ...but just to add my opinions.... wind......... flying hair....... hot...... steamy....... sexy............. sweaty......... bodies....... hmm... good stuff!

  10. O_O Your music taste is frikkin' killer...MSTRKRFT!!!! (by the way, I highly recommend their remix of "Monster Hospital" - Metric) Depeche Mode, Adele, Daft Punk, Lady Gaga (yep, enough said) - all amazing.

  11. **she reads the "Sex on Fire" review. after reading a few words past the word guitar, O_O she closes her eyes, sticks her fingers in her ears, and loudly sings "la la la la la" because she can't handle Mark's "sexy"...** "Oops! I didn't know YOU COULD talk about sex"...hmmm, very interesting...but I'ma leave it alone... ;)

    Okay, so I'm doing some random dancing to random songs on the Electronica music channel, when all of a sudden this song comes on with this rich funky feel. As I'm moving, there's something real raw and primal about the sound and the beat of it...pretty soon something inside me takes over and I don't even have to think about moving...and I'm just loving how my body is moving and responding to the music on it's own...I feel the thrill and attitude move up to my face...and for a few minutes I just mindlessly enjoy being one with the music until the song is about to end...then I thought "I gotta know what song this is...so I looked at the caption, and it read, "Electric Feel" by Mgmt. O_O I was like "What??? I'm surprised Mark didn't choose this one over "Kids"!!!" It's such a good song, I figured you would mention it sooner or later...So you were just a little later... ;)

    I love Adele!!! I first saw her perform "Cold Shower" on SNL. She was a songstress after my own heart, because her style was like mine, symphonic, soulful, jazzy, and a blend of unusual melodies! Even her band was a joy to watch! The keyboardist was bouncing in his own little funky groove; and the violinists, celloists, and gutarists were also very expressive and doing their own thing; and you could just tell they all were enjoying playing the music! After Adele finished the song, she was so pleased and happy that she did a little hop. You could see the band was happy for her, and they all were smiling at her! It was rare to see that kind of moment between a singer and the band. I LOVED it, it was SO cute!!!

    I LAHV Depeche Mode!!! I've been a fan of their's for a while! On VH1 Classic, I caught the video of what I believe is an under-appreciated song of their's called "I Feel You". It has a very bluesy and sensual vibe. David Gahan is mesmerizing in this video, and you can tell that he is TOTALLY "feeling" this song!!! It's a unique song and performance for him, and the video is artistically done in black and white. Check it out!!! :)

    I love "Circus" too! I always look forward to hearing it when I'm doing my random dancing!

    Oops! Is this my blog or yours??? ;)

  12. Fave Depeche Mode = "Never Let Me Down Again" . . . lahhhhhhb . . .

    I'm taking a ride
    with my best friend . . .


    *remembers driving around in her little blue convertible, age 16, wind in her hair, feeling all grown up becuase she swiped her brother's Depeche Mode mix tape (!) to blare as she cruised the city*

  13. Okay, having danced to "Circus" again, I realize I love it because it brings out my "inner Dominatrix"! Is this your experience too??? ;)

    I find the "rush" from the bridge makes me feel sleek, slinky, and delicious, like Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman, when she purrs, stretches, and says, "I don't know about you Miss Kitty, but I feel so much yummier...". ;) But I must admit I'm a nice Dominatrix, kinda like the whole "good witch" thing...you have power, but it's AAALLLL GOOD! :) Although at times, I like to get into a little playful mischief...like now... ;)

    *sings to the melody of "Circus"*
    *mimics the deep sounds of the "Circus" ending*
    Blog, blog, blog, blog, blog... ;)

  14. WOW mark when i first heard o saya i could totally picture you choreographing something to it! especially the part where m.i.a. comes in. you totally should!!

  15. "Electric Feel" should be upgraded from "Ear Candy" to "EAR-ROTICA"!!! It stirs up a passion inside that moves me to dance, whether I'm in the mood or not!!! :)

  16. Want more booming bass???
    Where the house vibrates???
    Then make sure this plays...
    Ear candy that's definitely a must!
    Your body will thrust, a speaker may bust!
    It's Junkie XL's "Cities in Dust"!!! :)

    Hmmmm, can you tell I'm missing your posts??? :(

  17. Hey Mark!!! Not sure if you know this but, MGMT performed on "Live at Abbey Road" on the Sundance channel this past weekend! If you missed it like I did, and you're interested in seeing it, the last showing is this Tuesday, April 21st, at 1:00pm-c (according to my cable programming guide)! Hopefully they performed "Electric Feel" *spazz spazz pee* or "Kids" or BOTH!!! :)

  18. Hey Mark!
    Have you heard or seen the video mashup of Daft Punk + MGMT called "One More Time to Pretend"-(Immuzikation Blend)??? It's a musical confection...definitely worth checking out!!!! :)