Tuesday, March 3, 2009


1. I'm extremely indecisive
2.IKEA is not a place for indecisive people
3.I love IKEA
4.I hate IKEA

So about a week ago i went to IKEA for the second time ever in my life........the first time i went was in Atlanta so i couldnt get anything because i wasnt living there!!...perfect, no decisions to make!

This time, i had a purpose, furnish my new apartment....specifically, my room!!!!

So with my mind set, i headed to IKEA.....WOW!....i remembered it from the first time, but when your actually looking for things, all of a sudden, there seems to be SO much!!!...PERFECT!


I was so overwhelmed i had to leave, with nothing in hand....
you think i'm joking....nope, i was literally overwhelmed....thinking "Gosh, where do i even start?"

This past weekend, i finally found my sheets (i know, i know...its been 2 months....i just knew what i wanted and couldnt find it) so i felt i had a better idea of what i was looking for......IKEA, round 3....3rd times a charm right????

I get there, optimistic, ready to shop!  I start making my round...and then another round....and then another round....yup, and another........"I'm starving"...i'm thinking this is my reason for not being able to make decisions....so i decide to try IKEA's food...swedish meatballs, mashed potatoes, and some red berry thing for $4.99......A-MAZING!!!!!...seriously De-LISH!  mmmmmm!!!! my stomach is filled, i've thought about the things i've seen, hopefully my mind will have fuel to make decisions...

Round 3 1/2......i begin making another round at the beginning of the store, i get to the bed frame i was looking at.... 
"Ooohhh, what's that bed frame over there???" 
"Oh great Mark, i thought we decided over this one at dinner?"
"i KNOW, but this might be cute too!!"
"you know what!?!?!?!....your driving me crazy!!"  
"i KNOW, i'm sorry, there's just so much, PLEASE be patient!" 
"i've BEEN patient for the last 2 hours" ..... "AAAHHHHH, your driving me crazy" 
"NO! your driving me crazy"
"FINE! i'll get the one i said i was gonna get!"
(yes, this is just me, i can't shop with others......my mind is enough)

So i start heading down to the warehouse, collecting other things in my shopping bag....lights, decorative things, tools, etc.....No, it wasnt that easy.....same decision making process with each thing!....And then i finally get to the bed frame to actually pick it up so i can purchase it.....yup you guessed it, i start thinking again...... 
"Is this really what you want?"
"Mark, I've had it!!!!!!"
...sigh...... i drop my shopping bag and exit the store.......3 1/2 hours later......
NOTHING in hand....

It's not me, it's IKEA....there's too much there!!!.....
"No, its you!"



  1. Mark...IKEA is my mothership...seriously...LOVE that store so hard!!!! But..I have kind of the reverse problem from you, I can't decide either, so I just buy it ALL! Add to that that the nearest IKEA is about two hours away from me, so I have to stock up every time I go! They had the bed frame I want on sale recently, but I couldn't get there in time for the two day sale *sigh* next time...

    BTW...3 1/2 hours is impressive, I'm lucky if I can get out of there in 5!

  2. LMFAO!! this just totally made my day!!! I hope you do end up getting something, how about you just go to the IKEA website, look through it and then when you get there, you'll know EXACTLY what you want ^-^

  3. Ikea scares me.
    I've done that more than once - spend hours wandering around, only to abandon all my potential purchases once I spy the line-up. Except for Anna's gingersnaps of course ... I'd brave the fires of hell for those.

  4. i find it best to tackle ikea via the web or the catalogue... that way I can go in, list in hand, knowing exactly what I want and where I'm going to put it.

    hope you're more successful with round 4

  5. LOL!!! Oh Lord, decisions... decisions... *sigh*
    Yeah, i get just as frustrated when shopping for ANYTHING!!! LOL!!! ;) And IKEA has so much goodies that makes it that much frustratig to choose *even bigger sigh* :(
    Good luck finding exactly what you want and need next time!!! :D

    btw "Round 3 1/2" *roll* :D

    and inner monologues??? Luv it!!! *roll some more* :DDD

  6. ROFL!!! Mark, you make me feel like I'm not alone!! You just described a thousand trips I've made to IKEA--and I used to live two miles from one.

  7. I have had a love affair with IKEA for 15 years, *le sigh…* Those old commercials where people went all ape shit because the new catalog was coming? No joke. :D

  8. Mark, we are shopping twins. music twins too I think. ps- thanks for the sytycd robyn solo...you introduced me to that song as well as santagold's "creator." i'm lucky enough that my dance teacher is your twin too...same styles, funkiness and aHhhhhmazing taste in music.

  9. of course, there can only be one mark kanemura ;)and i wish i lived in LA to experience the awesomeness!

  10. IKEA, never been there, but I have the same decision making problems in Walmart. Couldn't imagine IKEA!! :O

    I hope you find what you are looking for. HUGS <3

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  12. I assume you've seen the movie Fight Club. It's contradicting and all but every time I watch that film I have this familiar urge to visit Ikea. I do want that sofa unit that's reflective of my personality, or that coffee table that will define me as a person. Sitting in the Ikea-decorated cafe with a plate of cheap Swedish meatball’s quite comforting too. Fight club and Ikea's like forever intertwined in my head!! Alas I'll leave you with some FC quotes that so PMA (pretty much awesome):

    "The people I know who used to sit in the bathroom with pornography, now they sit in the bathroom with their IKEA furniture catalogue"

    "Fuck off with your sofa units and strine green stripe patterns, I say never be complete, I say stop being perfect, I say let... lets evolve, let the chips fall where they may."

    Quite a loaded gun huh.

  13. I love IKEA, maybe because I'm Swedish maybe because it's AWSOME!
    "swedish meatballs, mashed potatoes, and some red berry thing for $4.99" Typical Swedish food, you should visit Sweden sometime.. I promise you we don't have polobears, which many american may think.

    btw, you're awsome :)

  14. My only recommendation from IKEA is to skip the showroom all together because then you just get confused. Plus, there is enough visual stimulation in the Marketplace for me to get distracted. (i.e. "You mean I can get TWO sauce pans for $14???!!!)

    However, I have to suggest the Poang chair. http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/S39840162. BEST.CHEAP.ROCKINGCHAIR.EVA!

  15. IKEA is pretty much the only place in the entire world where you can go in looking for something and come out with either nothing or a million completely different things. Including five chocolate bars and a messed-up finger from getting your hand caught in an umbrella.

    By the way, the "red berry thing" is made of lingonberries - I seriously can't get enough of that stuff. ^_^

  16. Aaaaaaaiiiieeeeee.....your internal tete-a-tetes are pure comedy! By the way, I’m laughing my a** off right now because your experience just reminded me of a friend who went to Costco for the first time to purchase bulk consumables (detergent, tp, etc.) and BLOW’D UP his credit card balance with a spontaneous $800 canoe purchase. His girlfriend forbad (is that word?) him from ever going again.

    Love all of your creativity and awesome humor, Mark!! I can't wait for your next post!!

    Toni (Bangs)

  17. No! You're driving ME crazy!!!!!
    **All of the cuteness of this post kicks in and she lays sprawled out on the keyboard, ODing** ;)

    If you don't have an urgent need, take your time and don't buy until you're satisfied! You'll either know it when you see it, or something you've seen will "call you" back to it. Or you can try going to another store to see what else is out there, because it seems like whatever you're looking for may not be at IKEA. By seeing a few other things, what you really want (or don't want) may become clearer...uh, well, maybe not for you... ;)

  18. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I've never EVER been to IKEA. I think my head might explode if I ever go....lolz.

    In other news I think I might go to IKEA tomorrow. Have my head explode. It doesn't matter. I need a DVD rack and I think this store will be the place it happens.

    I think you should start looking at things in magazines and other stores. That way when you go to IKEA you have an idea of what you might have seen already. Maybe even have a list of what you want....even pictures of things you would like...

    Hope that helps....and convos with yourself are the best way to figure things out...oh and LOLz to the whole driving convo cuz IT WAS MADE OF WIN!!!!!!!!!11

  19. This made me laugh and laugh!! i thought i was bad shopping! But i totally agree i hate shopping with other people and ikea is insane i have only ever purchased a laundry hamper there its too big for anything else!