Tuesday, February 10, 2009


when i was back at home in Hawaii, there was a blackout (pretty much statewide....i'll just say statewide....sounds better...hee hee) anyway the entire state was dark except for the flicker of candlelight in people's windows or the random headlights from a passing car......

it was oddly arousing....it might have to do with my slight fascination to vampires (thanks to the twilight series) anyway i was sooooo excited!!!!!!  i love when things like this happen....i just couldnt stay home!!!! COULDNT!!!!!  so what else do you do?  

grab your sister and a camera and head to the beach to take fun jumping pics silly!!!!!!!


  1. Love these! I posted a link to your blog at http://www.sytycdism.com Check us out if you want. Take care!

  2. I'm wondering if your vampire fascination has led you to the HBO series True Blood yet?
    Seriously? Sexily delicious.
    ...and we Canadians only tend to get blackouts when the snow has hauled down our powerlines. *huff*
    Love the blog. Thank you for letting us in.

  3. YAY more comment options today - I can squee all over your blog now!!!1!! :D Those pictures are ah-maaaazing, you both are gorgeous. Had we known you were having so much fun we wouldn't have worried so much. hahaha

  4. LOL! Both of you look so happy and adorable, i remember hearing about the blackout since Prez Obama seemed to be thre at the time ;) I love that you find inspiration even in the 'darkest' moments :D (or maybe ONLY in darkest moments LOL) And i also love your relationship with your sistah!!! YOu are both adorable and Hey... you are just showing that you are living life to the FULLEST, as you SHOULD!!!! <3 =)

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  6. That pic of you leaping...PAINTS A BILLION WORDS!!!!! O_O You are PURE poetry... <3

  7. Mark, I love your beach blackout pics!! I was at Sidestreet when the lights went out. They let us sit and eat/drink in the dark until 10:00. :) That was an interesting night!

  8. These pics are so joyful that you can't help smiling to see them! The height of both of your jumps out of the sand is ridiculous. I can barely walk in the stuff! Thanks for sharing them. :)