Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire






Amazing Soundtrack

i lahv M.I.A.........LAHV!!!

good date movie.....good date ;)

SEE IT!!!!!!!!


  1. I LOVE THIS MOVIE! I saw it twice, because I couldn't resist, and immediately ran home and downloaded the entire soundtrack.
    At MKO we were talking about you maybe doing some choreography to one of the songs :) Imagine that.
    I also made a trailer...just like back in the day. LAHV SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE.

  2. This film is such an inspiration. From how it showcases the dignity of the children to how it speaks to the importance of keeping faith and hope to how collaboratively Danny Boyle made the film in the communities that the actors came from!! It really is a story telling masterpiece!!!!!!!!!!

    Definitely a meaty film!! rawr-rawr-rawr!

  3. You have great taste! I loved this movie as well. A.R. Rahman is so brilliant, you should definitely check out his other soundtracks if you have the time! :)

  4. This movie was Amazing and the kids... outstanding!!! It remined me of

    'Amores perros'

    and "De la calle"

    Good stuff!

  5. Quote: good date movie.....

    Who was/is/would-you-like-to-be your date? (definitely a leading, teasing question?)

  6. LAAAHHHHVVVED this movie. It just ended so brilliantly, you know? After all that hard stuff, the characters deserved a happy ending.

  7. Believe it or not, I'm still waiting to see this... (yeah I know, I know...but I'm patient like that!) Spoilers don't bother me because I tend to look at and perceive things a little differently anyway. I like to get totally engrossed and lost in a movie, so I wait until the audiences thin out. Then I can usually get what I call a "private showing" where I go at an odd time and I am the only one (score!) or just about the only one in the theater! In addition to expecting it to be an extremely well-told and inspiring story, I expect this movie will remind me of many dear friends from India that I've lost touch with, and I don't want anyone munching popcorn or crunching nachos in my ear to break the spell of me remembering and loving them. :) I'm also interested in hearing the use of your girl- M.I.A's music! But if this movie wins the Oscar for Best Picture tonight, I'll probably be waiting a little while longer...

  8. finally watched this movie. i was impressed by Danny Boyle's unique style and felt his respect for Indian movies in the final dance scene :) Jai Ho !!