Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Q R S Tea U V

Lately I've been a complete tea freak...i mean i've always liked a cup of tea here and there but Yogi tea's Kombucha Green Tea has turned me into an addict!!  Lately i'll have 2-3 cups of tea daily!!!!!  I'll mix it up, chamomile, detox, mint, etc.......but kombucha takes the prize...God i lahv it!  And what makes it special is that the lil paper that is attached to the tea bag always has a message on it....sorta like a fortune cookie, but not really a fortune, just some goodness for your day!  Today's message:

"Have wisdom in your actions and faith in your merits"

Good advice and good antioxidants!!!!  

Good stuff in, bad stuff out!!  :)


  1. lol!!! you love kombucha ! you are soooo like japanese ! yeah i'm a 100% pure japanese and also love kombucha. my favorite is shooga(=ginger) tea. i looooove it so much! try it !

  2. yogi is my fav brand mmmmmm
    try the redbush chai

  3. lol the title of this blog post is creative. hahahaha

  4. Wow! what a classy and arty pic used as the header!

  5. I have never had the Kombucha - I will have to look for it. I adore the Tahitian Vanilla Hazelnut though.

    I drink a lot of Tazo's Zen tea, it is a green tea mixed with lemongrass. So refreshing and light.

  6. "i love panda.. they're like "dude, racism is stupid. im black, white and asian"

    Born This Way