Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I'm in another music video.....apparently!! ;)


So..... a while ago my friend wrote to me saying i HAD to check out this video.....there was a guy in the video who reminded him of me....in the way he danced!

So....i go check it out......OH MY GOSH!!!....i cannot even tell you! This is exactly how i look when i hear good music and feel comfortable.....in the car, at home, in the street, at a club, in the shower.......i just move....ridiculous or not....just move!!!! 

Check it out!!!!....i actually REALLY like the song and the video....AND....the dance break KILLS me!!! (in a good way!)  cant wait till they release their album in the U.S.!!!!!

dont underestimate the step tap!!  ;)


  1. tee hee!! lol too cute, so, does your shirt bling too? His did, lol.

    "bullets in the gun.." oh man, it's stuck in my head now..." goes away humming to herself..

    have a great nite love ^-^

  2. Step tap ROCKS!!! And I would like to see a video of you dancing like that in the shower. You know, for comparison! *nods*

    Dance to live!!

  3. Haha. Wow, this does totally remind me of you.

    No one should underestimate the amazingness of the step tap. I do it all the time too. :)

  4. Never seen that video before! LOL!

    They are SO guilty pleasure-ish, hehe. Very 90s pop cheese (that sounds kinda gross).

    Their album is fun though...I love "Waiting For Tonight"! :)

  5. LOL! It looks a little like you, but more like it could be Michael Jackson from his "Rock with You" video days!!!

    Obviously the choreographer of all those Robert Palmer videos with ladies dancing in the background didn't underestimate the "step tap", and made it iconic!!! Here's a brilliant idea...as a choreographer, maybe you can mix that move up as the "TAP STEP" and do the same!!! You see the difference...??? ;)

  6. ODG! Werk! That was more than a step tap, it was a step cross, an advanced move! LOL. Fun fun fun.

  7. eeeehehe.... ofcourse its great, this band is from denmark! I've danced with them live :)

    xoxo Linda.

  8. At the risk of breaking your heart, ...

    (this would be in a really small font if possible..haha)...I don't like this *gasping for air*

    Ok, I liked the beginning with the lights and the weird little chain of animated dancers at the bottom of the screen later on...and I am good with the step tap but just not a huge fan of this video in general.

    However, I am an ENORMOUS fan of the new India.Arie cd. Good stuff! (Am I redeemed? lol)

  9. This little blog entry just reinforces the fact that I freaking love you.

  10. Hey, he's even rocking the white shirt, black skinny tie and tight black jacket...LOL! Awesome! Michelle's right is kinda cheesy but definitely FUN to watch! ;D *nods*

    btw, thanks for helping Linda with promoting her "best job" vid, we all appreciate it! <3 :)