Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Tuesday's are like Christmas......any tuesday.....it could be in May, October, even in December...hee hee

Let me explain......i'm a huge fan of music.....although that really is an understatement.....i mean REALLY HUGE!!!  So some of you may know....tuesday's are the day where new music is released, God, i LAHV this day.....i will stay up late Monday night/early Tuesday morning just to be able to listen to all the new music that comes out on i-tunes......i also LAHV i-tunes, which also is an understatement... some Christmas's are FANTASTIC and some are just ok........But its always the excitement to see whats coming out that make Christmas Tuesdays so much fun!!!  I'm like an excited spastic dog......yeah, i just might pee!!!! (but thats only when there's an album i'm really looking forward to....hee hee)

So when i did my usual i-tunes new music search, guess who has a new album?????  i knew she was coming out with one, just didnt know it was so soon........

India FREEKING Arie.........God, i LAHV this woman.....an artist!!!! (to say the least)  She's kind of like Mr.Kombucha.....but in music form, yeah all that insight and goodness, but in music form.....yeah i know, exciting!!!  Anyway, its her 4th album......i think!?!?!  It's entitled Testimony, Vol 2:Love & Politics, I have NEVER been disappointed with anyone of her albums!!!  I'm downloading the 4th one as we speak.....you should check it out, it sounds a-mazing!!!

Santa left a good one this week!!!  :) pee


  1. O.MY.GUH.


    I'm glad I'm not the only one, 'cause I usually am in a group of my friends.


  2. Imagine working in retail and getting all the new stuff in days before it goes to the sales floor!!! It kills me cause I want it,like - NOW!!!! I love Itunes, but I'm a CD girl at heart. I like to look at the pictures :-)

  3. Gahhh Mark...I am so happy you are covering music in this blog. I'm so intrigued by your music library! And that *NEWSONG!!peepee* feeling is the best. LOL. I also love when you're on itunes and you click on one of those "listeners also bought" artists and it turns out to be someone you instantly fall in LOVE with.

    I've been sleeping on India Arie, majorly. I love her, but there's so much of her music I haven't checked out. I need to!

  4. Santa was good to you today... AWESOME! I loved India ARie's first album, I was very intrigued by her.... Awesome chick!!! and NIce blog btw!!! ;) <3

    - lore

  5. I love itunes Tuesdays!!!! I always check it out before dance.

    And I love your new blog :)

  6. hey mark!this is ur BIGGEST fan here!i havent heard of india arie before, but i LOVE M.I.A!!!shes so cool and unique!can u PPLLEEAASSEE follow my blog?id truly appreciate it!!<3luvya lots!

  7. Because of you, I am ADDICTED to M.I.A!! would you ever post a list of what you suggest we listen to?? You have a great taste in music ^-^ Mason Kia wants you to holla at him soon of facebook. It would make us both very very happy indeed!! Have a great day love!! ~Your NUMERO UNO fan from Houston TX, Carla

  8. Dood, you totally need to get yourself one of those 'Celebrity Playlist' spots on iTunes. Just so we can keep up, you understand!

  9. I love that you love India.Arie!!! She is da bomb!!!

  10. i'd seriously need to check out your itune list! i'm recently just putting these on repeat; MIA, PassionPit, The Knife, Justice, Brazillian Girls, Prodigy, Massive attack, Thievery Coperation.

    note to mark: must display your itune list.

  11. Just got it. Just listened to it. Just peed my bidibees.

  12. Hey Mark!
    You can catch India.Arie performing on the VH1 SOUL channel this coming Tuesday, Feb. 17th, at 9:30pm-e/8:30pm-c!!! Now you can SEE and pee! ;)

  13. I know it's a little late to the party for commenting, but....

    Thank you O Music Sherpa!!

    I've been YouTubing India.Arie thanks to your blog and I luvs'er!! Why have I not heard "Video" before now????